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Electrical Services

Electrical installation involves working in sometimes hazardous conditions installing and commissioning transformers, electrical distribution systems, generators, electric motors, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Project Management & Installation Services - We have found that our involvement at the earliest stages of the project means we can provide insights that can ‘design out’ site challenges, reducing or eliminating downtime. Our strong focus on collaboration enables us to help our clients reduce costs and exceed service level expectations.

24HR Maintenance & Emergency Services - We also continuously monitor and maintain our electrical solutions while they are in use, providing you with the most efficient tailored package for your needs. Wherever possible, our maintenance cabinets and points are located away from main site operations so our activities do not get in the way of yours.

alstoniatech limited

Mechanical Services

Project management and installation services - Mechanical breakdowns will significantly impact on your project. We prevent this by understanding your project’s needs and providing advanced planning and preparation. By operating as your partner we implement our proven project management practices and find that our early involvement means we can provide insights that ‘design out’ site challenges, thereby reducing or eliminating downtime. Through our collaborative approach our clients reduce their costs and exceed service level expectations.

Site mechanical services design - Our mechanical services team has a strong track record in designing and developing mechanical solutions that overcome the most complex and demanding challenges presented by your site’s requirements. We have a professional in-house design team of engineers with a thorough knowledge of the hazards you are likely to face on site and who are experienced at delivering effective solutions.

24-hour maintenance, backup and emergency services - We proactively monitor and maintain your bespoke installations while they are in use, providing you with the most efficient package for your needs. We operate a 24-hour, 365 days a year call-out or remote advisory service, meaning your project is protected during emergencies. In the rare case of finding faulty equipment, we provide immediate replacements to minimize disruption to your project.

alstoniatech limited

Oil and Gas Services

AlstoniaTech is an oil and gas supply service provider with extensive link in all sectors of the economy. Our reach extends to destinations all over the country and our service delivery is swift and efficient. Our rates and prices are also very competitive.

At present, we have a list of companies already benefiting from utilising our products and services. In its effort to sustain good relationship between the organization and individuals, we have a good delivery system at your doorstep. We do home delivery with a standby truck.

alstoniatech limited

Furniture & Wood

Alstoniatech lumber has operations in timber/wood processing and export. We process and export high quality timber sourced from approved locations across Nigeria. We have earned our respect and acceptability for producing exportable timber products but our pride is in participating in afforestation projects, seminars and literal services to the wood industry in our sub regions across the rural communities.

The major type of wood we export is Kosso. It is used in constructions, furniture, carriages, sports, musical instruments and artificial limbs. Once seasoned, it is a very steady timber and moderately resistant to decay and ranges from very resistant to moderately resistant to termites. Its timber is highly esteemed for door and window panels, joinery and furniture especially for drawers, wardrobes, cupboards, kitchen and camp furniture, and musical instruments because of its lightweight, stability and durability. It is also used for bentwood articles. In boat building it is used for decking and for oars.

Quality - Our logs are carefully screened and selected by our experience forestry staff. This quality control procedure is necessary to avoid decay, holes which would impact the final product. Once our staff are satisfied with quality, the logs are processed to obtain a finished product ready for export – which is a cleanly cut, rough square log with no bark.

alstoniatech limited

Tank Farm Maintenance

Alstoniatech Tank Cleaning Division offers decades of experience and leadership in managing large scale tank cleaning and maintenance projects. As a trusted source for large tank farms, we are a reputable choice in cleaning, painting, and maintaining your commercial or industrial storage tanks.

Our cleaning and maintenance services cover:

● Oil Tanks

● Fuel Tanks

● Storage Tanks

● Tank Farms

● Paint Prep

● Liner Prep

alstoniatech limited

Agricultural Services

Maintenance & Servicing - Our team of mechanics are here to provide our customers with a full maintenance and service backup on all of their tractor and equipment needs. Offering a daily breakdown service along with a fully stocked shop and stores we are able to keep the farming industry on the move.

alstoniatech limited

Fitness Management

We guide clients interested in weight loss, muscle building and increasing their fitness levels on the appropriate modes of action and exercise-related activities designed to facilitate positive lifestyle changes.

List of Fitness activities :

● Cardio

● Weight Training

● Group Fitness

● Wellness Programs such as Exercise &Stress management, Exercise &Time management for personal leisure activities

● Corporate Memberships

● Body Transformation Program

● Medical Gym Facility

● Physiotherapy

● Exercise for Special Population (senior Fitness)

● Kids Fitness (Child Obesity)

● Diet Counseling + Nutrition Program

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Construction Services

We facilitate a multi faceted operation in construction services including all aspects of: constructing, fabricating, installing, erecting, maintaining, performing integrity digs on, and performing turnaround services on, pipelines, buildings, plants, and facilities of all types.

alstoniatech limited

Design and Interior

We offer a wide range of interior design services to ensure an exceptionally high ­level finished result down to the fine details. Our services are completely bespoke and flexible in order to accommodate design changes that are unique to each individual client. Our specialties include luxury residential, commercial, and hospitality design

alstoniatech limited

General Supplies

We supply all kinds of products to our existing and potential customers on demand. Our aim is to create a means through which people can buy or get supplies of all kinds of products they need from the comfort of their homes or offices by simply sending a quote to us through website, email or sms. We understand that a lot of people, companies, organizations etc. are in need of many items which they really have to purchase but having the chance or knowing the right place to buy them have been a problem to them.