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About Our Company

Alstoniatech Limited

Since its founding in 2017, Alstoniatech has developed into one of Nigeria's top full-service, cross-industry, end-to-end companies, providing advice and fulfilment services to customers all across the country. We use our multidisciplinary skills to improve the quality, focus, and value of their businesses and goods.

We are a capable and adaptable collection of consulting and engineering organizations. Our specialized experts and engineers offer creative solutions across all industries and their different intersections, while also supporting the public and private sectors and establishing organizational cultures, structures, and processes.

alstoniatech limited alstoniatech limited alstoniatech limited


In a technologically driven world, we at Alstoniatech, believe in the capacity of human ingenuity to design a better human future. Our diverse teams mix unique ideas and cutting-edge technology to achieve better and faster growth. Our customers adapt and change, and we work together to achieve long-term goals. We challenge the status quo in order to develop solutions that work not just on paper but also in practice.

Our portfolio includes, Construction, Lumber Exporting, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Furniture and Interior Design, Fumigation, Facility Management, Gym & Fitness, Tank Farm Maintenance, Agricultural, Logistics, Import and Export, and General Supplies.

We put a lot of effort into empowering our employees every day as a top employer. We are purpose-driven and values-driven, caring for our personnel and appreciating the job they do while giving them every chance to grow both personally and professionally. With each of our clients, we adopt the same strategy, building solid bonds based on assurance, excellence, and accomplishments.

We Serve

By transforming your idea or challenge into a workable strategy and offer committed leadership to see it through to completion. We work with your teams to promote cross-functional cooperation, manage stakeholder relationships, and put the procedures and tools in place required to reach the full potential of your business.

Our Influence

Since 2017, we have serviced over 15 clients, ranging from corporations to startups, and completed over 40 projects, assisting our clients in thriving in frequently difficult and ever-changing competitive environments. With offices in Lagos and Abuja, we have a national influence. Our enthusiasm for problem solving and guaranteeing long-term success via project leadership goes across different sectors. We have improved processes and led strategic projects for customers in a variety of sectors.