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Civil Engineering Design & Construction

Alstoniatech engages professional workers to provide civil engineering design services, architectural/structural plans, site survey/planning, building services design, urban development, education and healthcare facilities, water/wastewater, landfills, reservoirs, and general civil works. We employ cutting-edge computer tools and analytical software to augment the design knowledge of our structural engineers. Alstoniatech has developed and overseen the execution of various innovative structural design solutions on a wide range of projects, earning a good reputation.

alstoniatech limited

Electrical Services

Electrical installation includes working in potentially hazardous conditions to install and commission transformers, electrical distribution systems, generators, electric motors, and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems.

Maintenance and emergency services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also continually monitor and maintain our electrical solutions while they are in operation, ensuring that you receive the most efficient suited package for your needs. Our maintenance cabinets and points are positioned as far away from the main site operations as feasible, so that our actions do not interfere with yours.

alstoniatech limited

Mechanical Services

Mechanical failures will have a substantial influence on your project. We avoid this by first understanding your project's requirements and then offering prior planning and preparation. We execute our established project management processes as your partner and find that our early engagement allows us to deliver insights that 'design out' site difficulties, lowering or eliminating downtime. Our collaborative strategy saves our clients’ money while exceeding their service level requirements.

alstoniatech limited

Oil and Gas Services

AlstoniaTech is a supplier of oil and gas supply services with wide connections in many areas of the economy. Our service delivery is quick and effective, and our reach extends to places across the country. Our rates and pricing are likewise quite reasonable.

At the moment, we have a list of companies that are already benefiting from our goods and services. We have an excellent delivery system at your doorstep as part of our attempt to maintain positive relationships between the company and individuals. We use a backup vehicle for house deliveries.

alstoniatech limited

Furniture & Interior Design

Our design approach is genuine classic modern, combining the fundamental aspects of interior design like colour, light, texture, and pattern with more calculated concepts such as balance, proportion, size, rhythm, and contrast to create a harmonious functioning environment.

Our creative strategy is matched with tireless talents in construction and project management, technical design, and architectural drawing, ensuring that every aspect is specified and every nuance is recorded accurately.

In terms of Furniture & Interior Design, we specialize in bespoke furniture and fittings, graphics, and art consultation for the hospitality, retail, commercial, and residential industries, including but not limited to luxury apartments, corporate offices, retail spaces, private homes, hotels, restaurants, salons, spas, and design studios.

alstoniatech limited

Tank Farm Maintenance

Alstoniatech has decades of expertise managing large-scale tank cleaning and maintenance are a reliable alternative for cleaning, painting, and maintaining your commercial or industrial storage tanks since we are a trusted provider for big tank farms.

Our cleaning and maintenance services cover:

● Oil Tanks

● Fuel Tanks

● Storage Tanks

● Tank Farms

● Paint Prep

● Liner Prep

alstoniatech limited

Fitness Management

Alstoniatech can assist you whether you are launching your first fitness centre or rebranding an existing one. From unique concept creation to modern yet functional interior design, market research or competitive analysis, to technology incorporation into your Fitness equipment, everything goes into your brand creation and positioning, which is then coupled with marketing that generates revenue and, most importantly, recruiting and training the right talents to deliver your envisioned experience to your clients; our Fitness specialist will ensure you are putting your best foot forward.

Executive Plan

Once we’ve created a plan for your physical space and design layout, we’ll help you create an in-depth budget and financial plan to ensure your vision comes to life within your budgetary needs.

● Feasibility Study and Business Plan

● Organisation structure, Payroll or compensation schemes planning

● Operational Budget definition

● Business Operations KPIs setting.

Fitness Center Management and Marketing

Aside from an amazing location, top-tier equipment, and competitive service offerings, a successful nail salon must also have a solid business plan and experienced staff. Our business consultants take the time to understand your budgetary needs to align them with your vision and brand.

● Brand identity creation and visual design

● Marketing and customer engagement plan

● Team Recruitment and Onboarding Training

● Consultancy Support and Management Services


Once your fitness centre is up and running, our consultants can help your business grow and develop long into the future.

● Operations Analysis and Alignment

● Expansion and Franchising

● Acquisition, Restructuring, and Reopening

● Renovation and Rebranding

alstoniatech limited

General Procurement & Supply Services

Our hands-on approach at Alstoniatech will transform your business procurement process by providing optimal value and increasing efficiency. Alstoniatech has been able to foresee current market trends and exploit our position to obtain the best potential costs through strategic collaborations. Our procurement department offers clever solutions to everyone from wholesalers to end users by supplying high-quality items at affordable prices. Our technique provides higher efficiency by implementing a comprehensive approach to supply management. The goal is to focus on our client's demands, as well as our company's goals and objectives. Understanding their requirements aids in the establishment and assignment of the purchasing process, research, and contact order.

Our Procurement process includes;

• Need Identification

• Pre-Solicitation

• Solicitation Preparation & Processes

• Evaluation Process

• Award Process

• Purchase Order

• Delivery Expediting

• Monitoring and Delivery

alstoniatech limited

Industrial Cleaning, Pest Control and Fumigation Services

Alstoniatech manages expert pest control and fumigation operations in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Onitsha, Kano, and other Nigerian cities. We have skilled fumigators to reach you and provide professional service whether you live in Ikoyi, Lekki, Ajah, Ikeja, VI, or any other major city in Nigeria. We offer professional and practical pest control solutions to each individual, ensuring the health and hygiene required to live and work in a safe, sanitary, pest-free environment.

Whether it's a house, school, hospital, workplace, or factory, our objective for our customers is to address the sources of pest issues rather than merely treat the symptoms. We provide treatments on a one-time, monthly, or quarterly basis.

We employ an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy to assist prevent pest activity and decrease chemical treatment consumption.

• The first method is to inspect your premises to discover pest infestations and entry points. Our educated and qualified technicians will design the finest strategy for your specific requirements.

• The second method is to deal with existing bugs in your house or company.

• The third method is a personalized strategy that will address any future infestations that may emerge. This form of pest management will prevent newly emerging pests from re-establishing an infestation. We will examine your property on a regular basis to prevent pests from returning to your house or company throughout the year.

alstoniatech limited

Timber/Wood Processing and Export

Alstoniatech manufactures a wide range of wood products. The company, best known for its Kosso - It is utilized in building materials, furniture, carriages, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and prosthetic limbs. Once seasoned, it is a fairly stable timber that is somewhat resistant to deterioration and moderately resistant to termites. Its wood is highly valued for door and window panels, joinery, and furniture, particularly drawers, closets, cabinets, kitchen and camp equipment.

We are devoted to environmental sustainability and offer a fully integrated production method with a countrywide logistics and transportation division to deliver quality wood products for building, furniture, and interior design clients, our greatest pride comes from engaging in afforestation initiatives, seminars, and literal services to the wood business in our sub regions across rural areas.

Our Clients

• Central Bank of Nigeria,

• Chevron

• Delmark Integrated

• Adafat Integrated


• Archangels' Schools

• I SHOP LIT Shopping Center